As a young language student in France whose year abroad coincided with the peak of Friends, I used to watch episode after episode in French, protesting that it was good for my language schools.


This theory of mine popped into my head when little man asked me if he could watch his Shaun the Sheep DVD and I spent ages trying to find the menu and languages options. I later remarked to OH that I couldn’t find anyway to change the language. He very patiently explained it was because the film is in “sheep”, not English.  Of course, he didn’t laugh at my stupidity at all……

The European Day of Languages is tomorrow and it aims to encourage language learning across Europe; for us here in Newbury, there’s a local event at The Vici Language Academy to mark this from 5pm to 6.30pm on Wednesday, 30th September. It costs £5 and will be a multicultural workshop which will be a cultural insight with games, but I am hoping it will kickstart a bit of interest in learning a language.  If not, there’s always Friends…..

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