When I was little, most of the books that we read to me were by Enid Blyton.

These days, most of the books we read to LO at bedtime seem to have come from the pen of Julia Donaldson with artwork by Axel Schleffer or Lydia Monks.

LO has enjoyed What the Ladybird Heard but I feel we’re coming to the end of its shelf life (a bookshelf joke, there). However, I’m delighted to see that a live version is coming to the Corn Exchange, Newbury from Friday, 23rd October to Sunday 25th October.

As you know, the book is about two robbers who decide to steal a prize cow from Michael Eavis. Fortunately, their plan is thwarted by the smallest and quietest creature at Worthy Farm and Michael is so pleased that he decides to put on the mother of all festivals – Glastonbury.


I can’t wait to see how this pans out on the stage, but LO and I will be in the moshpit….

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