A couple of weeks ago, I left Newbury and spent a few days in Hong Kong. The two places are of course, very similar.

On this visit, I didn’t do much of the touristy stuff such as going up to the Peak or taking the 360 up to the Buddha but mostly did everyday stuff such as going swimming and hiking around some of the outlying islands.

I also got to have a good walk around a standard Hong Kong housing estate. Mei Foo, on Kowloon side, was built in the late 1960s and early 1970s, making it one of the oldest housing estates in  Hong Kong.  It’s a pure concrete jungle but it has a nice community feel and is located next to a beautiful park with a 50m swimming pool.

2. swimming pool

Living in a small space seems to make people much more tolerant of each other and ingenious in finding ways to maximise their space.

Livin1. Housing estateg in close proximity is just one of those things you put up with here. With house prices rarely dipping below £1m for a very bog standard flat, you can’t afford to be choosy. That’s when  I took this photo to show my LO, just so he would appreciate how lucky he is to have his own room and a bit of outdoor space.

This photo …www.theguardian.com/travel/gallery/2015/nov/02/readers-photo-competition-october-architecture is much better, but both were probably taken with the same kind of thought process, that we need to be more appreciative of our spacious houses.

3 dragon fruit

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