I’ve never been one of the cool kids, but even I knew that I had reached an age milestone when I got excited about being invited to check out the new Toyota Verso seven seater at What Car?

Greeted by an incredibly friendly team who had no trouble with the chaos that we brought with us, we met two press officers from Toyota and a couple of other mums and dads.

We check out the Toyota Verso.

The McBaby looks over his shoulder – after all, you can’t see everything in the blind spot.

We are in the market for a new car as I have been turning up at client meetings in my campervan which does not give the right impression. We also need something more reliable and with better safety equipment, starting with airbags and seatbelts perhaps. Personally, I like my wheels to come with a bed, a fridge and a cooker in the back, but carrying around all of that equipment means we have all the fuel efficiency of a Sherman Tank driven by a fat man.

The Toyota Verso is a definite contender and I was surprised how drawn I was to it. The previous version was a bit “meh” – a solid workhorse but nothing remarkable about it at all. The new version has been revised and has better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions than its predecessor and looks a lot sleeker and more interesting than the previous version. There’s more standard equipment and though we didn’t test drive it, we were assured that it is quieter and more stable.

It has nifty touches such as a mirror that reflects all the action in the five rear seats (I could have done with that on the journey up), and myriad options for the configuration of the seats which move individually, meaning that you can fold all of them to move furniture round or have all seven seats up.

I give it 8/10. Will ask MrM for his opinion and a cheque and will keep you posted!


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