Mr Whinge – a new Mr Men story

Our bedtime stories have  almost exclusively been Mr Men books for the last couple of weeks and LO got 20/20 on this test

So I have made a new character for him when he had a funny five minutes.

By “Ivor Grievance”

Mr Whinge


Mr Whinge’s¬†mummy told him that they were going to the seaside.

“I don’t want to go to the seaside!” shouted Mr Whinge.

“I don’t want to brush my teeth!”

“I don’t want to comb my hair!”

“I don’t want to go in the car!”

“I want to drive!”

“I don’t want to look at the sheep!”

“I don’t want to help put the tent up!”

“I don’t want to walk to the beach!”

“I don’t want an ice-cream! Oh hang on….”



Wild child!

Did you see this piece with the statistic that children spend less time outdoors than prisoners?

Not so chez nous! So when were invited to spend a day in a park in Reading making dens and bug hunting, we jumped at the chance to prove that children are in their natural habitat when set free outdoors!

Hidden away in Tilehurst, Reading, is McIlroys Park which was playing host to a Health Lottery-funded Nature Nurture event.

Funnily enough, en route, we asked two people for directions and despite the park being on their doorsteps, didn’t know of its existence.

With a fabulous programme of events, we couldn’t decide what to do first so LO opted to fill an egg box we were given to fill with objects that met the criteria of “fluffy”, “strange”, “green”, “prickly”, “rough” and “smooth.

LO was way more excited than I thought he would be and filled the box with an assortment of items from stones to holly leaves to feathers.

We then helped fill toy wheelbarrows with fragrant woodchips and assisted in the laying of a path. Who would have thought that giving a child a shovel to fill carts with woodchips and invited them to run down the track to unload would be so entertaining. LO did this for HOURS.



Reluctantly, he accompanied me to listen to a lovely man singing about frogs and rabbits and made a picture for me with a bunch of flowers, a piece of linen and a HAMMER, before getting a fascinating and hands-on talk on bugs from a really lovely entomologist.

We had such a productive day that LO fell asleep in the car on the way home for ages. The next event is in May. We can’t wait!