Beat the Street Reading

Beat the Street has returned to the town and it’s the third time the walking, cycling and running competition has taken place in Reading. More than just Reading, it’s also nudging into West Berkshire with pockets of activity in Theale, Pangbourne, Mortimer and Burghfield.


These Beat Boxes have appeared about half a mile apart on lamp-posts across the area. Players simply tap two of these within an hour to score points and the team that ends the competition with the most points wins a great prize of £1,000 worth of sports vouchers.

If you are in a small team (minimum of 25), then don’t lose heart, because there’s also a leaderboard for average points, meaning the highest points per team members.

The game started today (15th April) and takes place until 27th May. I would love to get LO involved, but we’re based just a bit too far west. However, as I work in Reading, I’m delighted to report that I scored 60 points today – if you can do that on a day of pouring rain, then think how far Reading could walk in the sunshine!

We hear great stories about people who have become addicted to physical activity through playing the game; sedentary people who have become inspired to walk hundreds of miles or to run marathons; families who have taken the opportunity to go out tapping together and ended up having proper chats; schoolchildren who have discovered new areas of their towns, learned about the geography and history of the locality and begged their parents to go out instead of watching TV.


This is a brilliant project and if you would like to get involved, there are maps, cards and other info is available here

Good luck Reading and happy tapping!

If you’re not close to Reading, then sit (haha!) tight as it’s taking over the world. IN the next couple of weeks, it starts in Rhondda, North Lanarkshire and Nottingham with more cities and towns soon.



Discovering the magic of Magic Hands


“Wiggly fingers, super duper….Magic Hands!”


The libraries of West Berkshire have put on a brilliant LibraryFest event which included a workshop put on by the people who make the hit CBeebies series Magic Hands.

The interactive workshop meant that LO met the producer and also the main presenter Aimee.

What’s great about Magic Hands, much like Something Special with Mr Tumble, is that is a programme aimed at one section of society that don’t tend to get specialist entertainment, yet it is entertaining for everyone to watch. The other thing about it that’s good for us, is that it’s made in association with Mary Hare, a school for deaf people that is right on our doorstep.



We saw an episode about the Owl and the Pussycat, plus another about the Pied Piper, which meant that in just a short time, LO and the other children (plus parents) learned a bit about poetry and also how to sign such words as “boat”, “cat”, “pig”, “money” plus colours and names.

Catch it on iPlayer – it’s well worth a watch!