“Wiggly fingers, super duper….Magic Hands!”


The libraries of West Berkshire have put on a brilliant LibraryFest event which included a workshop put on by the people who make the hit CBeebies series Magic Hands.

The interactive workshop meant that LO met the producer and also the main presenter Aimee.

What’s great about Magic Hands, much like Something Special with Mr Tumble, is that is a programme aimed at one section of society that don’t tend to get specialist entertainment, yet it is entertaining for everyone to watch. The other thing about it that’s good for us, is that it’s made in association with Mary Hare, a school for deaf people that is right on our doorstep.



We saw an episode about the Owl and the Pussycat, plus another about the Pied Piper, which meant that in just a short time, LO and the other children (plus parents) learned a bit about poetry and also how to sign such words as “boat”, “cat”, “pig”, “money” plus colours and names.

Catch it on iPlayer – it’s well worth a watch!


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