Give LO some music and a wide berth, and it’s likely that he will begin dancing in a style influenced by Michael Flatley meeting the Red Arrows.

This is an example of what happened when he and I went to Costa on the retail park. I had to send something to a client, so while I tapped out some words and shouted at my computer, he took the opportunity  to do some interpretative dance of which I  just caught the end.


Then it was Sound Beginnings at Sheepdrove Farm as part of the Newbury Spring Festival where children and adults were treated to a piano concert of Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty. While most people were there to see the husband-and-wife pianists Elena Zozina and Mikhail Kazakevich, the narrator congratulated LO’s dancing, pronouncing it “better than your dad’s”.

However, the dancing performance that seems to have captured most people’s imagination is LO in Newbury’s Market Place during one of the town’s brilliant outdoor events, Project Vee and Carousel. I’ve had numerous emails from people who were there noting that most people had half an eye on LO as well as the brilliant Faith I Branco.



Yet when I tried to sign him up for Irish dancing lessons today, he could not have been less interested. We have high hopes for a nice bit of choreography by LO at The People’s Tower in Newbury Market Place on Sunday, 29th May from 2pm to 7pm when you can help build a tower out of cardboard boxes, before (more excitingly), you can return on Monday, 30th May  at 4pm to KNOCK. IT. DOWN!



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