Beat box 126 in Broxbourne, Sat 6 June 2015.JPG


Reading’s Beat the Street challenge has been extended by one day to end on Saturday 28th May to give participants one more day of tapping!

Since it started on 15th April, Reading’s 23,000 Beat the Street participants have travelled to the moon and beyond with a mileage of more than 260,000 miles. There is now just over a week to go and still time to exceed last year’s mileage of 306,000 miles!

Now, organisers have decided to extend the competition by one day to celebrate Reading’s Year of Culture and thanks to The Rising Sun Arts Centre, there will be a giant finale – literally!  There will be a special performance in Broad Street with two 30ft tall giants who will be playing Beat the Street in a town centre finale!

The procession forms part of The Rising Sun’s major project for Reading’s Year of Culture – A Landscape of Charms and Machines – which involves events, concerts, lectures, exhibitions and participatory projects throughout the year.

The event on Saturday, 28th May will see the Chalk Giant and the Flint Giant, accompanied by the Tongues of Fire procession band, parade along Broad Street in Reading from 12pm to 2pm.

The giant will tap an enormous Beat the Street card onto a specially constructed over-sized Beat Box with which participants in the game will be invited to have their picture taken.

As well as the procession, there will also the opportunity to play giant pavement games such as skipping, hopscotch and snakes and ladders from 12pm to 3pm.

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