Unfortunately, we missed the Park House charity run recently, so today’s TBT is about last year’s event. Also, yesterday, by virtue of my ability to remember weird things and insane nosiness, I ascertained that someone in our work meeting was a gold medallist, so I am feeling super sporty today (hides giant croissant and coffee behind  back while maintaining eye contact).


park house

I knew LO was going to be a runner when he was in the womb. Lately he’s been running off and powering round supermarkets laughing, into offices and once even into a church while I traipse after him looking exhausted.

So, I signed him up for a 200m!

We arrived on the day, checked in and were directed to the start line for the race at 9.30am. At 9.27am, we were told that the race was at 9.45 and that we weren’t at the start line (I was confused by the 6m by 6m sign that said ‘start’). “Don’t know where it starts, but it’s not here – this is the finish line.”

Aha. So we simply walk over to the line 200m away from here.
“No, it’s not here and can you get away from my bouncy castle.”

We spot people lining up at the 300m line at 9.30am. “This is the 300m line”, I say to a man in a hi-vis jacket.

“Ssssh” he says, winking at me.

So we line up. The guns goes off and the McBaby sprints to the finish line. Except he doesn’t. He sort of dawdles and runs with big strides at snail’s pace- totally unfazed by everyone else’s competitive spirit. He gets a medal and a goody bag which I then decanter into the picnic bag that we’re taking to a picnic with some friends.

We leave the sports day and arrive at a deserted picnic area where the McBaby sprints off at top speed, leaving me to carry everything to the table, shouting ‘can’t catch me!”. Next time, Rodney, next time….

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