We are truly lucky in Newbury to be gifted a programme of breath-taking outdoor events thanks to the Corn Exchange and Greenham Common Trust.

The list of spectacles ranges from drummers being lifted high into the air, to massive wipe-clean structures to an incredible fire installation, and this weekend, the public was invited to participate too in a fabulous community-based project called the People’s Tower in which local residents were invited to tape together cardboard boxes to create a lifesize tower!

The idea was that the tower would stay up for the night and then the builders could turn demolition squad and knock it down the next day. Unfortunately, the wind had other ideas and it came down at about 10.30am that day. That’s not to say the project was a failure though, despite the nonsense spouted by the keyboard warriors would didn’t walk down to see the castle.

There was a brilliant band called the Perhaps Contraption who heralded in a speech by the artist Olivier Grossetete who invited everyone to jump on the now prone castle before it was scooped up and put into the recycling lorry.

So while not everyone in the town appreciates it, it’s a big thank you from LO and me. We can’t wait to see what they think of next. MERCI!






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