I always suffer from post-festival blues after the Beautiful Days Festival, but for some reason have been moping about more than usual this year. As usual, we had a terrific few days down in Devon, watching  the hosts Levellers twice, drinking cider and dancing like loons.


The line-up was phenomenal, but that of course means that you have to split yourself in half in order to see all of the bands whose stage times clash. Add in the necessity of one of us having to babysit a small child who just wanted to disappear and run and run and run and that meant that this year I MISSED: Leftfield, Seth Lakeman, Show of Hands, Funke, the Sweetchunks, the Selecter, Billy Bragg and the Damned at the very least.


However, the acts we did see did not disappoint – James, the Proclaimers, Reef, Dreadzone, Terrorvision, the Coral, Bad Cardigan, the Wildflowers, Mad Dog McRea among others. The small ones LOVED the children’s area and for once we might have spent more time on the big wheel than in the beer tent.



A cider-fuelled weekend always means there are apologies to make, and I have a list of people I need to say sorry to:

  1. Our neighbours in the campervan field for having to listen to and to watch us flailing around trying to put an awning up when we first arrived. Having only received the awning through the post on the morning we set off, we didn’t have time to do a practice run and putting it up was like a visit to Ikea. It was only successful when I located the ciders and read a book, leaving DH to put it up unencumbered by my helpful advice.




2. Our neighbours on the other side. I told my dad that we had a white VW; failing to mention that these are not in short supply. On the Saturday morning, I saw him and my two nephews peering into the neighbouring van – quite a shock for our neighbours to see three unknown faces at the window like Dickensian orphans.IMG_20160820_212809.jpg

3. The lady in the lost children tent, plus anyone who heard me wailing when I lost small son. DH helpfully  told me to “stop overreacting”.  Small son did turn up a bit later wondering what all the fuss was about.IMG_20160821_200506.jpg

4. My friend who was sitting next to me when I tipped fish noodles everywhere, making her trousers look like they were splattered in vomit. This unfortunately was about ten minutes after we’d found small son; the people sharing the table with us looked over at me disapprovingly and asked me if “have you quite finished?”

5. The man in the campervan in front of ours. I accidentally flashed him when looking for my bra. I eventually found it on small son who was using it “as a holster”.

6.  Anyone who witnessed my dancing. Particularly when I thought it would be funny to emulate Tim Booth during the James set and nearly ripped my spine out of place.

7. The couple in the Hope Tavern who were quite put out when I thought they were brothers.

8. Our neighbours back home for arriving home at 2am and for doing 27 loads of washing the following day.

9. The Levellers for singing along so badly to all of their songs….  A big thank you to them to for putting on the very best festival in the world, unrivalled for integrity, line-up and friendliness. See you next year!


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