The Heritage Open Days weekend always seems to fly by and the line-up of buildings waiting to be explored gets better and better every year.


Amid the historic buildings, the churches, museums and other fantastic attractions, this year,  we took advantage of the invitation to see the Reading wind turbine up close. It’s positioned right next to the M4, so, like many people, I have driven past it hundreds of times and idly wondered how tall it was, how much power it generated and what the view from the top might be like.


We were given a lively talk that was accessible to all ages and answered these questions plus much more. There was information on everything to climate change, green energy to the improvements made to the blades to ensure they don’t kill birds, they don’t make a thumping noise and the impact of the Chinese manufacturing industry on bringing the price of these down. While we couldn’t go inside, we were allowed to ask questions and see the base of the tower and even knock on it to see how sturdy it was.

Built in November 2005 to power Green Park, it has a hub height of 85m and powers about 1500 average-sized homes every year. Find out more here:

Many thanks to Heritage Open days and to Ian for the tour….

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