Festival season used to be confined to the summer – not any more!

Small son and I made our way on a wet Saturday to Nuneaton last weekend for the inaugural Ragged Bear Festival. After parking the van at a pub outside the town, we were driven into the venue – or should I say two venues.

Spread over two floors, the Crew and the Queen’s Hall, we enjoyed brilliant sets of guitar and fiddle-driven folk punk.

As ever, you can’t see anything and there are likely to be clashes. With a four-year-old, you’re going to have to  venture into town at the most awkward moment possible to get fish and chips or take him to the toilet when your favourite band comes on.IMG_20161112_125959[1].jpg

The Leylines

The line-up was great and fantastically good value at £35 for the whole day, plus in fact, the Friday and Sunday which were free. Particular favourites of ours were The Leylines, Wille and the Bandits, Devil’s Prefects, the Sweetchunks, Neck and the mighty Gaz Brookfield.



Neck (a special commendation for their version of The Fields of Athenry!)

Small one couldn’t quite keep awake until 3 Daft Monkeys, but we had a great time. The organisers did a great job of making the gap between bands as short as possible, the line-up was awesome, without exception, and there was a really friendly crowd. And it’s just bliss not to have to worry about the rain!



Gaz Brookfield

Next year’s event is the 28th and 29th October – we’ll see you there!


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