Today we move away from West Berkshire and away from businesswomen  to a globetrotting friend of mine ! Steve Biggs is a friendly, genial bloke and happens to be one of the first people I met at University. Since then, despite thousands of pints of Snakebite and black, plus our dodgy taste in music, we’ve remained friends for (cough, cough, I must get some water) years.

I’ve always been impressed by the number of things Steve fits into his life, plus his incredible ‘can-do’ attitude!  He is always up for an adventure and willing to try new experiences, so it was no surprise that this IT whizz and geography graduate  would become famous on the interweb for his travel blog at

1. Tell us about yourself and your blog?

At my blog I try to only write about “unique” travel experiences. Ones that that nobody has written about before, or better still experiences that nobody has ever had before!
2. What made you get started?

I’ve been to lots of travel blogging meet-up events in Central London since 2012 and would always get asked for the name of my blog  – which I didn’t have at the time. So partly it was because I wanted to say I had one but mostly because I then realised I wanted to share some of my “unique” adventures.

3. What are your main challenges?

Deciding whether I am actually doing it simply for fun, or for some greater gains/master plan instead. I’m still not sure which.

4. How do you manage your time – ie between working and blogging

Work comes first but if something needs to be written about there and then, and it’s topical or time dependent then I just “get on with it”. I commute into London each weekday so that’s a full 5 hours free time to put “pen to paper”. So no excuses. Although I still have this romantic view that blogging should be done in a wingback chair, in a quiet coffee shop, in a fancy part of London on a sunny day, with a satisfying latté

5. What else  do you do when you’re not at work?

Running with my local club and cycling around on my Brompton bicycle

6. Tell us something surprising about yourself

Even though I’ve run 5 marathons now that’s still 859 fewer than my dad Roger!

7. What are you most proud of?

Becoming the UK running ambassador for maternal health charity ‘Every Mother Counts’ and helping to spread the word about their great work.

8. How would you describe a typical reader and how do you help them?
Probably time poor, in a rush, and wanting the byte-size summary. So I try to keep posts under 700 words and always think “what’s in it for them” (the reader)

9. What is your favourite song?

I’m currently loving Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ after hearing a guy singing karaoke in Brighton in the Spring and absolutely nailing it.


Note from Marge – I genuinely thought he would pick this one!





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