Tell us about yourself and your business

Karen Garley, Managing Consultant at HR Vision Limited.  I set up HR Vision in 2001 with a view to providing businesses and individuals with HR expertise.

What brought you to Newbury? 

I worked at Bayer in Stoke Poges and relocated with them to Newbury.  This meant moving my daughter who had just started secondary school in Burnham to St Barts.  Massive change for both of us.

How did you get into the business? 

Loved HR from the word go and when I was given responsibility for it I decided to become qualified.

What are your main challenges? 

It’s the ebb and flow of the workload, and the fact that when it is extremely busy there is a lack of time to market the company properly.

How do you manage your time ? 

I have an excellent time management app that I use which helps keep me on track. I plan the next days work at the end of each day.

What do you do when you’re not at work? 

I exercise at a HiiT type class – Dawnbreakers – every morning, walking Bailey & Whiskey my Cockerpoos, enjoy the cinema

ell us something surprising about yourself 

I produce intuitive paintings for people who want something to happen in their life – the painting acts as a visual reminder of what they want to achieve.  Unexpected things can happen!

What are you most proud of?

Having started HR Vision 15 years ago.

How would you describe a typical customer and how do you help them?

A typical customer is likely to have an employee relations issue – capability, misconduct, grievance, potential ET claim etc and need us to investigate the matter for them.

What are your plans for the next few years?

We are launching a Virtual HR service to clients who need ad hoc support through the year?

What is your favourite song? 

Anything by Simply Red.

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