I have just finished this fantastic book by Newbury author and image consultant Victoria Lochhead.

Much like the charity shops, jumble sales and other outlets this book champions, In The Jumble is a treasure trove!  Victoria’s friendly how-to guide shows you how to find clothes that look great and complement your body type.  It then shows you where you can pick them up for a fraction of the price of new clothes that will be out of season in a matter of weeks. If you are new to shopping in charity shops or at jumble sales, this will show you how to compete with the veteran old ladies!

As well as useful advice, there are hilarious anecdotes from Victoria who apparently started her fashionista journey in unflattering t-shirts and combat trousers. Now she is glamorous but clearly comfortable and she loves nothing more than finding a bargain outfit in a charity shop. I once went shopping with Victoria and it was the most fun I’ve ever had while shopping and for less than £50 I came away with two bags filled with great things that I wouldn’t normally have considered.

Perhaps most importantly in these days of fast and unethical fashion, she shows that second hand shopping is the most sustainable kind of fashion. And you’ll never walk into a party where someone is wearing the same dress as you!


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