My tour of the UK’s lidos continued last weekend with a visit to Petersfield Outdoor Pool – a cutesy, old school pool in the middle of the town.

Though it took a bit of finding after driving through the beautiful South Downs – I drove round and round, unable to see the lido from the road, it was worth it.  The building is unassuming, but nicely decorated with bunting and pool artwork and entered by a beautiful wrought iron gate:


Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 12.07.21.png

Through the gate there’s a turnstile, and I waited here for a woman dressed as a cowgirl (it later transpired that the cast of Annie Get your Gun were launching their show here!) to see me so I could pay my  £5 and enter the heated pool via the Mondrian-esque changing rooms.


The pool is gorgeous and well-attended but not crazy busy. I’d swum a mile (a 25m pool, so about 66 lengths) before I knew it, so kept going, captivated by the 3m deep end, complete with diving board and also the way the sunlight was captured through the trees and onto the water.

The shower was clean and hot and the whole experience made for such a relaxing morning that I couldn’t find my way out of the car park – I think it was my brain’s way of making me stay….



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