We’ve just had this intriguing parcel arrive through the post – a Wash Wizard!

Wash Wizard.jpgAs avid festival goers, the showering situation is always something at the forefront of our minds, particularly with a small son who is permanently sticky. At the festivals we’ve been to, there’s either no showers, or a massive queue to use them. We usually have a kind of blanket bath using a bowl, soap and a microfibre cloth.

So I was fascinated by The Wash Wizard. It’s a complete body wash sponge to which you just add a drop of water. This activates the aloe vera foam, and  the natural ingredients mean you can just air dry!

The young founders of the company say: “No more queuing at grim public showers with 500 other people, or, worse, discovering there are no showers.  Liberate yourself from soap, towels and the need for running water, simply pack your Wash Wizard, safe in the knowledge that you can be shower fresh within minutes, wherever you are. So, if you’re working out in the wilderness, off to a festival, camping, or travelling to the middle of nowhere with just a rucksack, wave goodbye to soap, towels and running water and say hello to Wash Wizard, the new way to shower without actually showering.”

Wash Wizard is hypoallergenic and fragrance free, and completely green and recyclable. RRP £7.99 is for five sponges, with a percentage of the profits going to charities for the homeless.  Available from amazon.co.uk

 For more information go to www.wash-wizard.co.uk

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