“And if you have a look in the freezer, you’ll find Joey’s Stephen King novel”.  For Friends fans, this sentence makes perfect sense set in the context of Chandler and Joey’s apartment referencing the episode where Rachel encourages Joey to read Little Women.

We were at Blenheim Palace on the set of Friends, celebrating the 236 episodes of a series that had a remarkable impact on hair dos, friendships, and even the way we speak: “Could I BE any more excited?” “That is SO not true!”

Small son of course had never heard of it, so our first stop at FriendsFest at Blenheim was to plonk ourselves  in front of a giant screen showing clips from all nine series. He loved it and ever since has  been quoting Joey in particular.



“The third day. All right? Monday, one day. Tuesday, two day. Wednesday, when? Huh? What day? Thursday! The third day! Okay?”



“Are you wearing two belts?”

After educating him in all things Friends, we looked briefly at the Lincoln High photo shoot and the Las Vegas chapel before launching straight into Central Perk where we sat on the sofa and pretended to sing “Smelly Cat”.



We then recreated the opening titles and then checked out Chandler and Joey’s reclining chairs and boat, the hallway and then Monica and Rachel’s apartment. It was great to see it, but we were among hundreds of other people so it didn’t feel particularly real.  The timed tour also gave fans the opportunity to see some of the costumes, including the ‘holiday armadillo’, plus the famous white dog statue and other props.


Small son was taken with the cop car and Phoebe’s taxi, while I was tickled by the quotes everywhere and the food options including Monica’s Moondance diner.

It was slightly pricey, but now small son is as obsessed as I am and the two of us haven’t stopped singing the theme tune since, so it must have been good.

Now sold out for the rest of the dates, the tour takes in Hylands House in Essex and then Clissold Park, London.





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