National Fudge Day! It always sounds a little bit made up, but I promise it isn’t! It started in the States but as we believe the its spiritual home is Cornwall, we have brought it to the UK on 16th June! And as Father’s Day this year lands on the same weekend (17th June), it makes sense to combine the two with a round-up of fudgey gifts!

artisan tin

First up is the artisan tin which retails at £11.99. Filled with three of your favourites, the  crumbly fudge, the honeycomb and creamy milk chocolate and the Peanut Brittle (which we’ve discovered is extremely popular with dads), it’s available here






Perfect as a gift for someone special, or to put out as petit fours at the end of a meal. A decadent treat whatever the occasion.


Butter tablet

Last,  but not least, if your dad loves Cornwall, then check out Buttermilk’s multi-award winning, traditional tablet. It’s handmade in Cornwall and is one of Buttermilk’s best-ever sellers, but comes from a traditional Scottish recipe handed down from the original Scottish owner of the Buttermilk shop in Padstow.


#ad #buttermilk #cornwall #fathersday #nationalfudgeday


For more info or an interview with Buttermilk @newburymummy

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