Just loving this beautiful weather, which seems to lend itself to the ‘listening to’ in particular! So this month, I’ve mainly been:

Reading; Leap In

leap in

After writing a successful call-to-arms on the subject of running, author Alexandra Heminsley turns her attention to the water in this beautifully-written book which will inspire you to…well.. to leap in.

From a description of her first encounter with a wetsuit to google problems, it’s hugely relatable and her guidance on simply exhaling served me well on a couple of occasions when a stressed me took to the swimming pool. I liked her descriptions of swimming events with simple advice about the strangest of things which can be quite confusing on the day and also the way she cuts through the bravado and the competitiveness (something which has put me off entering competitions).


Watching – Keeping Faith


I shamefully took to the sofa and watched this eight-episode Welsh language series in ONE go. Embarrassing, but worth it. This was a great drama with the most incredible landscapes, set against stunning scenery, and is now in English. While some of it was a bit head scratching, Eve Myles, who plays Faith, is just mesmorising  – playing a lawyer, mother and wife while taking the time to be one of the girls.  This all leads to problems when her husband suddenly goes missing one morning and she tries to find out why and where.

Listening to: The Slow Readers Club

What else!

Don’t forget the Twitter meet up starting in September and also to check out Buttermilk’s new caramel sea salt snack bar WHICH IS WRAPPED IN COMPOSTABLE PACKAGING! Available now in BP!


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