Does this school drop off thing get easier?  Two years ago, I dropped the little (and he was little then) one off at school, got into the car and cried. Yesterday, I pretty much did the same.

But anyway, what I’m trying to say in a “back-to-school” shorthand type way is that August is over. Hopefully the rain-free days aren’t finished though, as it seemed to mean that it was acceptable to laze about reading and listening to live music.

In August I read “Have his Carcase” by Dorothy L Sayers. I’m not sure why, but her Lord Peter Wimsey books seem to languish in the LARGE PRINT section of the library. His infamous monocle aside, these books (written in the 1930s), are in some ways, very modern.  This book reads like a modern police procedural with incredible detail of every aspect of the case and a seemingly impossible murder to solve; finding out who dunnit meant quickly learning about how quickly blood clots in a dead body and about the Russian royal family. Just got to venture into the large print section now for the next one.



We came across MrB the Gentleman Rhymer at the bandstand stage at a festival and were almost immediately rolling around the field in stitches listening to him playing Outer Space by the Prodigy on a ukelele in a plummy Surrey accent. His version of “No Dignity” (read: ‘Yo Diggity’ by Dr Dre) is worth checking out too!



Well, like the rest of the population, we are watching Bodyguard!  We are big fans of Jed Mercurio in our house and I even went to a Royal Television Society event to hear him speak on how they conceived, wrote and filmed Line of Duty. Bodyguard is true to form and has meant three sleepless Sunday nights in a row trying to make sense of what we’ve just watched, which I wouldn’t recommend – you can’t second guess Mr Mercurio!


Other stuff:

Newbury Lido is closing on 16th September, so I’ll be basically moving there to get as much swimming in before the end of the season and don’t forget a new weekly Twitter chat for West Berkshire businesses starting TOMORROW from 7-8pm using #wberkshour


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