The power of collaboration is the theme of the next month of meetings for West Berkshire’s Athena Network.

The Thatcham group meets on Tuesday, 16th October at the Regency Park Hotel. Gina Balarin of Verballistics and author of The Secret Army is the speaker, plus Athena regional director Debbie Miles will be encouraging visitors to think about how they can increase their ‘social capital’ with all the people they work with.

The Newbury Central group meets on Wednesday, 17th October at Arigato in Newbury where Cristina Barton of Cristina Barton Photography will be discussing how to create visual content for social media, on a budget. Debbie Miles will be talking about how to realise the potential of ‘who knows who’ in a networking event.

The Newbury West group meets on Thursday, 8th November at The Red House in Marsh Benham where Simone Bonnett of the Social Managers will be demonstrating ways to improve LinkedIn profiles and Debbie Miles will be discussing The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey.

The Hungerford group meets Friday, 9th November at Audley Inglewood Kintbury where Charlotte Riley of Being Truly Me will be explaining why businesses need a blog.

Debbie Miles said: “The focus this month is very much on the collaborative nature of our women’s networking events and also how we can get the most from our social media presence”.

All meetings take place from 12pm to 2pm and visitors are always welcome but must book in advance by contacting Debbie via http://www.theathenanetwork.com/debbiemiles/group/newbury-central/


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