The Athena Network has its final meetings of 2018 scheduled for November before coming back with a bang next year.

The Thatcham group meets on Tuesday, 20th November at the Regency Park Hotel where Nicola Lyle of Fired up Careers will be offering tips on how to work more efficiently and effectively while Athena regional director. Debbie Miles will be encouraging the group to practise their listening skills.

The Newbury Central group meets on Wednesday, 21st November at the Arigato restaurant in Newbury where Tamsin Regnes a MBTI® Certified Practitioner will be demonstrating how differences in people’s preferences for information and decision making can present challenges when working with others.

Attendees will have a better appreciation of the behavioural cues of others, enabling them to adapt and reduce any frustration. In the Networking Training Debbie Miles will discussing the qualities of ‘leading ladies’ .

Debbie Miles said: “With themes concerning effective communication with our colleagues and effective use of time, we aim to help our members develop essential skills for running a successful business.”

Visitors are always welcome to the meetings which meet at midday. Please contact Debbie for an invitation:






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