The Athena Network is holding a ‘visitor’s day’ for potential members to come and try out women’s networking at a discounted price.

The visitor’s day takes place at Thatcham meeting at the Regency Park Hotel on Tuesday, 20th November from 12 – 2pm and costs just £20.

As well as structured networking, there’s a light lunch and refreshments hosted by the Athena Network regional director Debbie Miles.

She said: “We are fortunate to have Nicola Lyle from Fired Up Careers as our speaker at this meeting. She’ll be sharing her wisdom on time efficiency and helping us to look at how well we use our time as well as offering tips on how to get more done in our working day.

“With many women juggling work, business and home life, Nicola’s advice will be invaluable!

“If you are looking to increase your customer base, or simply would like the support of other women in business across West Berkshire, you are very welcome to come and tell us about your business and share your passion.”

For more information and to book, contact Debbie via

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