Buttermilk unveils its 2019 range of fudge-filled Easter Eggs

Buttermilk Easter Egg range 2019.jpg

  • Caramelised Cacao Nib Easter Egg (235g RRP £11.99) – available Waitrose and independents
  • Caramel Sea Salt Easter Egg– 235g, RRP £9.99 – available Waitrose and independents
  • Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Easter Egg – 235g, RRP £9.99 – available Waitrose and independents
  • Strawberry Bellini Easter Egg 235g, RRP £9.99 – available Waitrose and independents
  • Hot Cross Bun fudge (100g) RRP £2.99 available in Sainsburys
  • Launch date – 15th February

The good eggs at Buttermilk have Easter 2019 cracked with their latest range of fudge-filled treats!

The Cornish confectioners entered the Easter market last year and since then have won a Great Taste award and lots of positive feedback. One customer got in touch to say: “It’s the best Easter egg I have ever eaten!”

This year the range has been expanded and each product will be made from single origin Colombian chocolate to ensure the highest quality.

Also new for 2019, Buttermilk has launched a Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Easter Egg (235g, RRP £9.99). This is an enticing milk chocolate egg with broken honeycomb pieces and hand decorated with a white chocolate drizzle. Inside, there’s a large serving of light and crunchy honeycomb, dipped in milk chocolate.

Also new for 2019 is Buttermilk’s Caramelised Cacao Nib Easter Egg (235g, RRP £11.99). This premium Easter egg is a must for dark chocolate lovers and is made with 70% single origin dark chocolate and cacao nibs, filled with dark chocolate clusters. Inside there’s a generous helping of indulgent, dark chocolate cacao nib clusters.

In addition to the new products, two offerings from last year’s range are back! This year, the best-selling Caramel Sea Salt Easter Egg (235g, RRP £9.99) returns after drawing acclaim from customers and professional taste testers alike.  The milk chocolate and sea salt Easter egg is decorated with delicious butterscotch chips and inside there’s a large serving of buttery Caramel Sea Salt fudge which crumbles and melts in the mouth.

The Strawberry Bellini Easter Egg (235g, RRP £9.99) was also a huge hit last year and won a Great Taste two-star award.  This beautiful and elegant white chocolate egg is infused with strawberry pieces and filled with Strawberry Bellini fudge. The fudge is topped with white chocolate, strawberries and a little popping surprise to create a fruity and fizzy treat.

The Easter eggs are available at Waitrose and independent shops, plus from Buttermilk shops in Cornwall and online.

As well as Easter eggs, Buttermilk has a seasonal Hot Cross Bun fudge that is popular at Easter (100g RRP £2.99) and another Great Taste award winner!  This tasty fudge is packed full of juicy raisins and a little bit of fragrant fruit peel to get that delicious bun taste. It’s then broken by hand.  Available in Sainsburys and at www.buttermilk.co.uk


Happy 90th birthday to Tintin!

“Billions of blistering blue barnacles!”

Quoting Tintin’s friend Captain Haddock, small son starts running when he sees the angular frontage of Musee Hergé. After taking the train to a small town outside Brussels, and walking through a grey shopping centre, Tintin’s profile, peering into the distance is a welcome sight, whether you’re a fan or not.

With his enduring energy, distinctive quiff and exuberance, it’s hard to believe that comic strip hero Tintin first appeared in 1919, captivating children from several generations. The 90th anniversary of his first appearance as a comic strip in Le Petit Vingtieme seemed like a good excuse to take my Tintin obsessed son to the spiritual home of everything Georges Remi, Tintin’s creator.

The building is quite a sight, with high ceilings and angular colourful walls, complete with poured concrete floors and feels like a fitting tribute to Herge’s massive creative output.


The first room shows his early life and his early illustrations which give a flavour of what was to come, leading into another room on Herge’s advertising work, before you descend a floor and find yourself immersed in the world of Tintin.


There’s lots to see, and small son wasn’t sure where to start. There’s plenty of pictures, early drafts and facts about the creator and his most famous work, including info on the characters -not just his beloved dog Snowy (known as Milou in the original) and constant friends Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus plus ne’er do well ‘twins’ Thompson and Thomson, but also the wealth of background characters that appear in the 24 books.

We had incredible fun having a picture taken in the midst of a Tintin scene, and there are interactive elements, plus models of the shark submarine from Red Rackham’s Treasure and a rocket model, used as the inspiration for Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon.


Although small son was eyeing up a 5,000 Euro Tintin model in the gift shop, we managed not to spend anything in here. It’s still worth a browse as is the on-site café. We both danced back to the train to Brussels eager to re-read the books.


We stayed at the Hilton Bruxelles City, just north of the centre after a painless Eurostar journey from London. Travelling around Brussels is affordable and easy, with efficient trams, trains and buses, reasonably clear signage and plenty of helpful English speakers around. We stayed overnight before taking the train on a Sunday to the small town of Louvain-la Nouvelle, not to be confused with Louvain (Leuven). We’re grateful to Sally Murray Travel Counsellors for doing all the bookings for us!

Musee Herge is giving a day of free entry on Sunday, 6th January, but admission is usually 12 Euros for adults. Closed Mondays.