It’s easy to get caught up in the post-Christmas guilt and to make a ton of new year’s resolutions that are impossible to keep.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to set goals and to try to lose weight, ditch the bad habits and cake, or to get healthier, but January is entirely the wrong time to start these things. It’s cold outside, everyone’s skint and miserable. Plus we have the added uncertainty of what the B word will bring.

Knowing that I am guilty of overstretching, I decided to keep things simple and that my only resolution this year, would be to do 10,000 steps a day.

Day one was great – it was more than 20,000. Day two was 18,000. And day three. Well it barely registered. DS got ill and I spent the day looking after him, so counting steps was the last thing on my mind. And so I have failed after two days.

So my resolution this year is just to do the best I can. I always feel like a failure, whether it’s on the school run, whether I don’t run as far as I should, or when a client doesn’t get as excited as I do about a successful project. I even beat myself up a couple of days ago when I failed to put a nice even amount of petrol in the car – £30.09!

So instead of being a better version of me, I am just going to continue being me. And we should let everyone else be who they truly are too. We all spin too many plates and everyone is too eager to criticise everyone else’s choices. Let’s just BE.



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